General Information

Istanbul Quantitative Lectures is an international program that provides courses on data analysis methods used in all Scientific Disciplines. Istanbul Quantitative Lectures (ISTQL) has been offering courses from the leading Scientists of their fields since 2011. All the courses are designed to answer academics problems with their research and are prepared by the experts of that field who are well-known for their contributions to the scientific literature.

The language of instruction of these courses is English and the courses include both theoretical and application sections. Courses require hands-on computer applications and include examples for participants to get involved with the real applications. Participants will be informed with the software used for the course and recommended to install the program to their personal laptops for the course. Please find detailed information about courses and lecturers, in the courses section. Courses are offered between the announced dates by announced the lecturers. All participants will obtain a certification of participation as long as they attend the 80% of the courses.

For the course applications please fill the application form. For the course fees and the cancelation policy please visit the course fees link.

Istanbul Quantitative Lectures is an organization of  Istanbul University School of Business & Latent Research Company that is established in Istanbul University Technopark.