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Material Necessary for The Study

Material Necessary for The Study Material Necessary for The Study (books, texts…) The textbook used is Tacq, J., Multivariate Analysis Techniques in Social Science Research, London, Sage Publications 1997. Students also receive a lot of handouts with reference to the

Method of lecturing

Method of lecturing Students are expected to read and practice in advance. A course outline is given to them and is followed exactly. The students themselves start the lectures by showing their hand calculations of an exercise pertaining to the

Acquired Knowledge at End of Course

Acquired Knowledge at End of Course At the end of the course, successful students will possess an enhanced theoretical and practical understanding of the many classical techniques of multivariate analysis and will be able to apply these techniques to engaging

Content of the course

Content of the course PartI: Mathematical Introduction An overview of the most important mathematical and statistical foreknowledge required to attend the course. Mathematics: elementary algebra, quadratic functions, systems of equations, logarithms, combinatorial analysis, Pascal’s triangle, Newton’s binomial theorem, differential calculus,

Final Attainment Level, Goals

Final Attainment Level, Goals A description of the knowledge, insight, skills and professional attitude that a student should have acquired on completion of the course or programme in question. On completion of the course successfully, students will have a thorough

Objectives, Aims

Objectives, Aims The purpose of the course is manifold. The course starts with a discussion of the classical techniques of multivariate analysis, of which students gain an overview in an expert-like way. They will be able to make the appropriate

Course Outline

LINEAR MULTIVARIATE ANALYSIS TECHNIQUES AND THEIR NONLINEAR ALTERNATIVES Prof. Dr. Jacques Tacq COURSE OUTLINE Week 1 Monday class Historical Developments class Research Problems, a Classification Tuesday class The Experimental Design, Bivariate Regression                   lab Student’s T-Test; Bivariate Regression Analysis (+

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Course Outline Objectives, Aims Final Attainment Level, Goals Content of The Course Acquired Knowledge at End of Course Required Knowledge at Start Method of Lecturing Material Necessary for The Study



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