Assoc. Prof. Luis TORGO

Prof. Luis Torgo
Luís Torgo has a degree on Systems and Informatics Engineering (University of Minho, Portugal, 1989), and a Ph.D. on Computer Science (U Porto, 2000). He is an Associate Professor of the Department of Computer Science of the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Porto and a researcher of the Artificial Intelligence and Data Analysis Laboratory (LIAAD) of INESC Porto, LA.
He is currently part of the board of directors of LIAAD and the director of the integrated Masters program on Networks and Information Systems Engineering of the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Porto.
His research activities revolve around data analysis and data mining. He has published a large number of papers on the main data mining forums over the last 20 years and participated as a program committee member on the main events of this area. He has organized several events on this area and was the program co-chair of the European conferences on machine learning and data mining (ECML/PKDD) on 2005.
He has lead several research and industrial data mining projects with a particular emphasis on forecasting methods for ecological and financial domains, and also on data mining applications to fraud detection. Recently, he has been strongly involved at several levels in the use and development of the R data analysis environment that has been witnessing an over whelming growth on both academia and industry.
This involvement has lead to the publication of two edited books on this subject the last of which involves the use of R for data mining and was published worldwide by CRC Press in 2010 and was recently translated to the Chinese language. Based on this latter book (Data Mining with R) several courses have been given by Luis Torgo around the globe on both academic and industrial settings.