Jacques Tacq

Short Curriculum Vitae (Jacques Tacq )
Jacques Tacq studied mathematics and sociology and defended his PhD-Thesis at Catholic University of Leuven in Belgium on a project about causality in philosophy and in sociological research. He is currently Professor of Sociology, Catholic University of Brussels. He was Visiting Professor at the Faculty of Social Sciences, Rotterdam, where he was co-ordinator of the training-programme for PhD-students and where he lectured a course on “Interdisciplinarity”. He is lecturer in the Advanced-Master in ‘Quantitative Analysis in the Social Sciences’ (QASS) at Catholic University of Brussels. He is also Visiting Professor in the Summer School in Social Science Data Analysis and collection at University of Essex.
He has publications in methodology of social science, in the philosophical sense (causality, theory formation) as well as in the statistical-technical sense (cluster analysis, multilevel analysis, loglinear modelling) and with both a quantitative and qualitative approach.
Main publications are: Social Status of the Secondary School Teacher; Association Measures for Cross Tables; Causality in Sociological Investigation; Multivariate Analysis Techniques in Social Science Research; A Contemporary Kant; Social-scientific Research; The Methodological Atelier; The Oeuvre of Pierre Bourdieu; Znaniecki’s Analytic Induction as a Method of Sociological Research; Causality in Qualitative and Quantitative Research.

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