ISTQL 2011

Linear Multivariate Analysis Technique and Their Nonlinear Alternatives

Prof. Dr. Jacques Tacq

Istanbul Quantitative Lectures is an international summer program that provides courses on data analysis methods used in Social Sciences. The program is organized by Istanbul University, School of Business Administration and the courses offered in this program, which are specifically designed for academics in Social Sciences, will be taught by the experts of that field who are well-known for their contributions to the scientific literature.

The first of Istanbul Quantitative Lectures will be held on Istanbul University Central Campus, Institute of Eurasia between 25th July and 5th August 2011. Only one course will be offered this year which is titled as “Linear Multivariate Analysis Techniques and Their Nonlinear Alternatives” and will be delivered by highly renowed methodologist Prof. Jacques Tacq. The language of instruction of this two-week (3.5 hours a day) course is English and the course is divided into “theoretical” and “application” sections.

Those planning to attend this course should note that:

• The class size is strictly limited to 30 attendees, therefore early application is higly recommended.

• Mathematical and statistical foreknowledge to some extent is required to attend the course. However, incase of sufficient demand from attendees, a 3-day “Introductory Statistics” and a 2-day “Introduction to Matrix Algebra” refresher courses would be offered free of charge a week before the course commences.

• Participants are strongly recommended to bring their SPSS installed-laptops to class for the application sections.

The course is not automatically examined although provision can be made to take a Course Exam. When students take course exams, Istanbul University grants 15 ECTS credits. Participants from countries participating in the Bologna process should be able to use these credits for their M.A. at their home university. Please inquire to your home university for further information! The summer school office has no information which universities accept ECTS credits from Istanbul University.

Photos of Istanbul Quantitative Lectures 2011